Alan Guégan
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Nationality: French

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Object development consultant
Initial training

1996 Engineering diploma in Computer Science, CUST, university of Clermont-Ferrand
DEA in modelization of production systems, university of Clermont-Ferrand
1993 General diploma in mathematics, University of Brest. With honnors
1991 Baccalauréat C, in Lorient.
Professional training

2002SeeBeyond : E*gate trainings (eBI 101, 102 and 111)
2002SUN J2EE/Architecture training (SL425)
2001Project management training
1999Design Patterns training
1998Java & C++ (modelization & development) trainings
Condensed technical experience

Languages java, C++, C, PL/SQL

Web client javascript, HTML, W3C DOM, HTTP, SSL, ASP

MethodsUML, Design patterns


Application ServersWeblogic, WebSphere

EAI e*Gate

Web Servers Tomcat, iPlanet, Apache, IIS

Systems UNIX (linux, solaris, ...), Windows NT/2K

Database Servers Oracle 9i, Sybase 12
Professional Experience

Date Mission Company
03/2009 - now Fund- S.A., Senningerberg (1 year) Fund-F
Role : Senior Software Developer
  • TrailGen: Trailer Fees calculation system. Extension of an existing system to add a complex configuration user interface.
  • eDNA: distribution agreement contract generation and repository, implementing the DMFSA Standard. Project of 2 people. Development from scratch of the software, technical analysis and deployment support

Environement : C#, .NET, SQL Server, Castle Framework, ActiveRecord, IIS 6/7, https, Java, GWT
12/2006 - 02/2009 Jambaz S.A., Contern (2 years) Jambaz
Role : Software Architect and Team Leader
  • Definition of the Technical platform
  • Definition of the good practices, conception and implementation of the prototypes
  • Database structure modelization
  • Teams leadership (Luxembourg, Cairo): 6 persons
  • Sizing of the production environment with the CTO
  • Setup and management of the production environment
  • Massive distribution of the application using virtual computers on the Amazon AWS service
  • Development of some transversal modules
  • Contact with the QA team, production cycle management

Environement : java, web, web services, hibernate, mysql, spring, unix, tomcat, cxf, aws
10/2004 - 11/2006 Clearstream, Luxembourg (2 years) Teamtrade
Role : Java & e*Gate Developer
  • Development on SeeBeyond e*Gate (3 months)
  • Conception and Development of the production statistics generator tool
  • Definition of the Database structure
  • Highly configurable export modules and format (XSL)
  • Migration of the existing statistics
  • Creation of a specific web module for manual updates
Environement : XML, J2EE (JSP, taglibs, JMS, EJB session, entity and Message driven bean), Oracle 9i (database & application server oc4j)
2004 GFI Luxembourg, Bertrange GFI
Role : Technical Architect and Developer ; Functional domain Nuclear safety
Cape Project (2 persons on 3 months) : definition and implementation of a nuclear declaration files converter
Environment : XML, XSD, XSL (transformation and presentation), java (Xerces and Xalan)
Lore Project (3 persons on 3 months) : creation of a workflow management application that handles the loading and the checks on nuclear declaration files.
Environement : XML, J2EE (JSP, taglibs, JMS, EJB session, entity and Message driven bean), Oracle 9i (database & application server oc4j)
2003 Banca Intesa, Milano (7 months) CGI
Pronto Derivati Project : creation of an intranet platform to permit the agencies to subscribe contracts for their clients. Project of 5, my role was to analyse, do the conception and develop.
Enviroment : J2EE (WebSphere), Framework CGI, Sybase, Eclipse
 2003 CGI France, Paris/Metz (2 months) CGI
Hermes Project : creation of a Framework J2EE-based software for flow management of the local electricity provider of Metz
Role : Oracle data injectors creation. Batch input system from Excel files to Oracle, using the Oracle tools (PL/SQL, External tables), in order to manage both the test cases alimentation and the future migration.
Environment : Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, excel
2002 - 2003 Banca IMI, Milano (12 months) CGI
E*Gate specialist.
Maintenance and evolutions on the IMI e*Gate implementation
· Production problems resolution
· Framework evolutions
· Developments on new flows
Environment : java, e*Gate, monk, Oracle, Sybase, Murex (OLK), BloombergTradingSystem
2002 CGI Luxembourg (4 months) CGI
Personal training on E*Gate (+ official Seebeyond training) and study on the evolution of the J2EE/CGI framework with the jakarta technologies.
Environment : java, JSP, JDBC, Tomcat
2001 ClearStream Services (2 months) CGI
For the replacement of a colleague from CGI in the end of its mission, take in charge of an existing application, fiabilization, rewriting, and intensive test processing. Creation of one java client (JNI).

Environment : C, Solaris, java, TCP/IP, NIS
2001 CGI Luxembourg (3 months) CGI
Pre-sales work on solutions based on the CGI java framework. Commercial team support.
Fastnet Resources (CAI Group) (8 months) CGI
EuroClone/EuroPricer project
8-persons project destined to develop an automatic
data-feed acquisition system : historization, validation (comparisons between providers), automatic restitutions.
Modelieation and development on the kernel and GUI parts, extension of the applicative framework based on J2EE.
Environment : java, Weblogic, EJB, JMS, VisualAge
2000 IMRglobal (4 months) CGI
Development of the IMRGlobal Europe intranet site. Use of the CGI web framework
Environment : java, JSP, servlets, JDBC
2000 IMR Global Capital Market Solutions (4 months) CGI
Complete e-banking solution development : consultation, orders, reportings.
Use of a functional framework developped by CMS, conception work in common with the team of CMS

Environment : java, JSP, servlets, JDBC
2000 European Funds Administration (5 months) CGI
Web-Access developper. In a team of four, creation of an application framework for interface construction and data processing. Use of this framework to develop parts on the web-access product. 2 months in-site.
Environment : java, JSP, servlets, Oracle, PL/SQL, JDBC
Paribas Luxembourg (16 months) CGI
Object development expert in a team of four.
Front-office software modification for EURO and Y2K projects. Liabilization, add of new functionalities, adaptations.

Work with the functional team on needs definition and tests
Environment : C++, NT, Visual C++
Effix S.A. (Paris) groupe Reuters (6 months) CGI
Y2K migration of a serie of products based on realtime Reuters financial feeds (ATW, DSM): code reviews, modifications, unitary tests
Collaboration with the test/support teams.
Automatic migration scripts creation (sh/awk)
Environment : C & C++, UNIX, Triarch

French English Italian
Mother Tongue Good level
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Alan Guégan
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